The Port of Moerdijk is accessible for seagoing vessels with a draft of up to 9 meters in about 3.5 hours sailing from the North Sea. From the North Sea the ships sail on the Nieuwe Waterweg, the Oude Maas and the Dordtsche Kil to the Hollands Diep. The waterway from the port of Rotterdam is free of locks. Ships with a maximum height of up to 45 meters from the water level can use this route. The maximum dimensions of the vessels permitted in the port are 201 meters long and 32 meters wide. Ships longer than 175 meters must request prior permission. Goods arrive from all over the world and from here they are also brought to many destinations in the world.

The Port of Moerdijk has 5 port basins: the port Hollandsch Diep, Insteekhaven Roode vaart, Oostelijke Insteekhaven, Central Insteekhaven and Western Insteekhaven.

Why use the Port of Moerdijk for your business?

Thanks to it’s strategic geographic location, the Port of Moerdijk has a lot of things to offer, like:

  • Short turnaround times
  • Many tax advantages
  • Room for growth

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